The Future of Money

A Thought Leadership series in partnership with Luno.

Decrypto Podcasts

#1 What is Cryptocurrency & Why Should You Care?

Where did it all began, how does it actually work, and what is the technology behind the trend?
Simon Dingle

#2 Volatile? Future Forecasting

"Volatility" is a word often associated with crypto, but is it accurate? What does the future hold for this alternative form of currency?
Ran Neu-Ner

#3 The Blockchain & What It Can Do

Blockchain is one of those terms that everybody uses, but what is it exactly, how does it work, and does it have other applications aside from cryptocurrency?
Sonya Kuhnel


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The world we live in is constantly evolving. From the way we consume and share media to our stories and even our money. Gone are the days of only understanding money in terms of jingling coins and stacks of paper.

With the introduction of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies it can seem nearly impossible to understand the complex jargon of finance.

So, what will the financial system of the future look like?